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About "muffin none the wiser"

about "muffin"

I'm part of a large, extended family of Boomer-into-Gen-X Irish-Catholic subculture.  Dozens of 1st cousins - and more dozens of theirs - on my dad's side alone, including other Mary Donovans. 

Story goes:  when my younger brother Mark tried to say Mary Frances, it came out "Muffin," which got a laugh and stuck.  As I grew older the name embarrassed me, for reasons that might be obvious (see Betty White hosting SNL) ...  But as I wheel through middle-age now, it's come to sound endearing, from cousins or friends. 

Why not own it, embrace it? Stamp it on this cozy place to reflect, muse, connect?

about "none the wiser"

As many years and as widely as I've wandered and wondered about Life (having been born at all) and Being (a specific life-form) and Death (which renders those meaningful) ... I can't say I've gained any particular wisdom.  Anyway, trying to discover and synthesize and become -- still more than worth it.  I like this synonym from the MacMillan Dictionary:

"your guess is as good as mine." 

Welcome, fellow wonderers and wanderers!

P.S.  in case you landed here searching for oven-baked muffins, here's a link with 60 recipes, about which I'm none the wiser.  Happy baking:

P.P.S.  in case you're curious about my work-a-day life:

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