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THANK YOU for visiting - shutting down my pandemic project soon

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

[Update: Unexpectedly, an actual human actually responded to my query about less-expensive options here, with liveable option; so, renewed for another year, at least. So, More to come, if also unexpectedly.]

[More UPDATE: Sorry for the whiplash here. I wasn't expecting to keep this site going at all. But with reasonable renewable options, and always (forgive me!) more to say ... I will do what I can to keep this Muffin: None the Wiser thing going. Especially having learned tonight that one of my writing mentors, Sharon Sheehe Stark, has joined the choir invisible, after years of trying to manage Parkinson's disease. THANK YOU, Sharon, my first advisor as I began my MFA in Writing degree at VCFA in Montpelier, Vermont (June, 1996):

Grateful for anyone who's taken time to visit me here.

Okay now. What I'd originally posted in early December 2023:

Friends, thank you so much for taking time to read any of my various musings over the past few years.

I started this blog/website with Zero understanding of or guidance on how to make such a webby place to share, as we were still isolating and hoping for a vaccine and ... well, you remember.

My writing goals have shifted, and I need to focus on making more sense of these musings (and with many years of other written material) without paying for what's become an expensive 'pandemic project.'

Please know your being with me here has meant heaps of comfort and delight and community. I look forward to staying in touch, as a human who loves you and a writer who can't help but try to put thoughts and stories and images into words, as limited and frustrating as words insist on being.

Grateful grateful grateful, and always yours,


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